The Importance Of Weekly Pool Service For Simi Valley Pools

Hiring a pool cleaning professional to perform weekly pool service for your Simi Valley pool or spa will save you time and money and can head off costly pool repairs down the road.

If you feel like you’re spending more time cleaning your Simi Valley pool than enjoying it, it may be time to consider weekly pool service. Look for a pool cleaning professional who is experienced and has the expert attention to detail to ensure superior results for your pool or spa.

What To Expect From Weekly Pool Service

Weekly pool service involves much more than just pool cleaning. Your pool cleaning professional will also inspect your system and can alert you to the need for minor repairs before they become major (and expensive) problems. A reliable, experience pool cleaning specialist will perform a variety of tasks that include:

  • Skimming the pool surface
  • Brushing walls and steps
  • Vacuuming debris and dirt
  • Emptying skimmers and pump baskets
  • Checking water levels
  • Testing and adjusting water chemistry
  • Weekly log documentation

No matter what type of pool system you have – chlorinated, salt water, or UV/ozone – your pool care professional will help you keep your Simi Valley pool looking its best and operating at peak performance.

Invest In A Pool Automation System

If you are really ready to find more free time, consider investing in a pool automation system for your Simi Valley pool. Smart home pool and spa control systems will put the power to take back your time in the palm of your hand, allowing you to make adjustments to

  • Pool heaters- adjust or maintain temperatures
  • Pool pumps – control water flow & circulation speed
  • Pool and spa lighting – change colors, moods, and themes
  • Spa settings – switch to spa mode for instant spa enjoyment
  • Salt systems – monitor salt & set chlorination
  • Booster pumps – switch on & adjust when needed
  • Water features – control lighting, flow, and themes

A pool automation system and weekly pool services can make your Simi Valley pool worry-free.

The Trusted Simi Valley Pool Cleaning Professionals

Tri City Pool Services is proud to provide weekly pool service, pool cleaning, and pool repairs that are of the highest quality for our friends and neighbors in the Simi Valley area. Whether you need simple repairs, scheduled maintenance, or complete replacement of your pool system, our team of experienced, reliable professionals has the knowledge and expertise to keep your pool clean, healthy, and sparkling.

We offer military discounts and free estimates throughout the Simi Valley area. To request a free quote or schedule weekly pool service or pool cleaning in Simi Valley, call us today at (805) 823-2560.

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