Simi Valley Pool Equipment Installation & Repair Tips

Maintaining a clean, clear, and sparkling Simi Valley pool is easy when you have a go-to pool cleaning professional who offers quality pool equipment installation & repair. It’s important to look for a pool care specialist who has the experience, equipment, and expert attention to detail required to ensure superior service that exceeds your expectations.

Start With A Weekly Pool Service

Whether you’re having issues with your pool or want to free yourself from the burden of pool cleaning and pool care, a weekly pool service is a great place to start. A pool services professional will not only clean your pool, but they’ll check the chemical balance in your water and inspect your pool equipment to alert you to potential problems with your system. Hiring a pool cleaning service can alert you to the need for minor pool repairs to head off costly problems down the road.

Signs That Your Pool Equipment Needs Repair

If you’re maintaining your pool on your own, there are a few tell-tale signs that you need your pool equipment repaired or replaced:

  • Green or cloudy pool water
  • Issues with water flow or circulation
  • Pool heater is not working
  • Broken pool lights
  • MIldew on your pool walls
  • Low water levels or cracks

Many of these issues are dangerous or require expert knowledge to fix, which is why pool equipment repair & installation is always best left to the professionals.

Pool Safety Is Always A Priority

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of your family, and having the right pool equipment installation & repair specialist to care for your Simi Valley pool can make all the difference. A pool services professional will have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your pool’s components are all in good working order.

If your pool was built prior to 2007, it’s important to have your main drain replaced to prevent the risk of main drain entrapment. A few of the ways to further mitigate the risk of a person becoming entrapped in your main drain include:

  • Replace flat drain grates or anti-vortex covers with VGB-approved drain covers.
  • Dive regularly to inspect drain covers; to be sure they are firmly attached.
  • Teach the children about the dangers of main drain entrapment.
  • Never use the pool without the main drain covers safely in place.
  • When swimmers are in the pool, never operate the pump with one main drain only.
  • Consider installing dual main drains the next time the pool is resurfaced.

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