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Monthly Pool Service Agreement

Service: Pool/Spa cleaning includes vacuuming and or netting the bottom, brushing walls and steps, brushing tile, and skimming surfaces as needed. Water chemistry is checked and adjusted to industry standards. Backwashing filter as needed. Skimmer baskets and pump baskets will be cleaned out as needed. Inspection of pool/spa equipment weekly. This price does not include service/repair calls, equipment, or parts. Minor repairs, if necessary, will be made without prior approval and will be charged at the current market rate. If the client has a properly functioning automatic pool cleaner working between weekly visits, then the service also includes adjusting the cleaner as needed.

When winds and storms are present, cleanup may take one or two visits depending on the severity of dirt and debris in the pool. When rain is present, we will at the very least empty the baskets and adjust the chemistry of the pool. When lightning is present, we will not show up and your visit will not be rescheduled unless otherwise discussed.

Maintenance: Filter will be cleaned three (3) times per year for a fee of $100 per cleanings. Salt cells, if present, need to be inspected every 90 days per manufacturer. Salt cell cleanings will be performed for $50 when needed. Water will also be tested for conditioner, phosphates, nitrates, and metals, and treatments/adjustments will be performed as needed, which is covered by an annual fee of $150 which is added to the March billing cycle. If service ends prior to March, the fee will be prorated and added to the final invoice. Which includes algae treatments, clarifiers, and non-organic enzyme digesters. Extra charges may apply should the client’s pool/spa have larger than normal usage amount or vegetation load. If service is canceled before the first year, these services will be prorated and adjusted to the amount paid.

Access: The client authorizes Tri City Pool Services to access the pool/spa area for service and maintenance as defined herein, and will arrange for access with Tri City Pool Services well in advance if the pool/spa is inaccessible to Tri City Pool Services on regular service day. If, however, Tri City Pool Services attempts service of the pool/spa on a regular service day and is denied access to the pool/spa for any reason, the client is responsible for payment of attempted service in the amount of regular service.

Client Responsibilities for Maintenance:

1. The client is responsible for maintaining proper water levels of the pool/spa. If water is low on service day, equipment will be turned off and a door hanger and/or email will be left advising clients to add water. Failure to maintain proper water levels may result in serious damage to pool equipment.

2. The client is responsible for removing overhanging and problematic vegetation from the pool area.

3. The client is responsible for maintaining proper working gates, fences, and safety barriers around the pool/spa area. Tri City Pool Services and its technicians assume no responsibility for maintaining fencing, gates, or pool safety barriers around the pool area and yard.

4. If the pool has a cover, which is not automatic, it is the client’s responsibility to have it removed the evening before service, otherwise, the cover will not be removed and only partially serviced.

5. If there are pool toys, such as inflatables, they will not be removed from the pool. Tri City Pool Services assumes no liability for damaged pool floats or toys.

Payments & Billing: Clients will be billed once per month for service and will include any extra or special charges. Invoices will be sent to client as follows:

Payments will be made by the client no later than 15 days after the date of invoice.

  • Auto Pay
  • ACH Bank Payments

Unless a written agreement has been made between Tri City Pool Services and the client, payments received later than 15 days after the date of invoice are subject to a $25 late fee per month and are subject to collection. The client is responsible for all collection and/or recovery costs.

If the invoice remains unpaid after 15 days, please be aware that our services will be temporarily suspended until the outstanding balance is settled.

Invoiced products over $100 are subject to a 3% credit card fee.

Notice of Terms: Under the term of this agreement, Tri City Pool Services will not be held responsible for any staining plaster. Since plaster is composed of natural materials, a certain amount of shading staining, and color variation is to be expected. Different forms of staining occur in all pools and with proper chemistry and certain supplements can be held to a minimum.

Service Scheduling: Due to the forty-eight (48) week billing months per year, and not the fifty-two (52) weeks, the four (4) weeks that are not billed are reserved for non-service in the event of holiday, vacation, and training. There may also be times that the regular service date may need to be moved, and plenty of advanced notice will be given to the client so that access can be made for servicing. Clients will not be charged additional service for months that have five (5) weeks.

Termination: This service agreement is a month-to-month agreement that can be terminated by either party at any time with monies paid to be prorated, and monies owed to be due within five (5) days of cancellation of service. Notice of termination of this agreement must be given in writing at the end of the last month of service.

By: Dustin & Rich – Tri City Pool Services

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